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Revolutionize Your Gift Voucher System with VaocherApp - The Ultimate Gift Voucher Management Software

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Online gift voucher certificate & gift card management software system

All-in-one Gift Voucher Management System

All-in-one gift voucher management system

Are you finding it challenging to handle voucher sales coming from various sources like your website, in-store purchases, or marketing campaigns? Your search ends here!

We've got the perfect solution for you. Introducing our all-in-one voucher management system that offers:

  • Streamlined management of both online and offline voucher sales through a user-friendly dashboard, eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets for you and your staff.
  • Customisable voucher settings to align with your specific business requirements and amplify your brand presence.

How It Works

Try it out by yourself by buying a test voucher using the live demo below.

Buy A Gift Voucher

This demo will help you to fully understand your customer's experience when purchasing a gift voucher from your website. As you can see, it fits beautifully and looks like a part of your website, your customers won't be taken elsewhere to complete the purchase.

How to pay

You can use the test credit card below to try out the checkout process:
  • Card number: 4000000360000006
  • M/Y: 12/26
  • CVV: 123
Also, try to enter the discount code VAOCHER20 at checkout to see how the promotion works.
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No setup fees. No lock-in contract. No surprise fees.

Some screenshots from our app

  • Gift card system for restaurant
  • Gift card software for spa
  • Gift voucher online system
  • Gift voucher online software

Simple, Transparent Pricing

No setup fees. No lock-in contract.
No surprise fees.

VaocherApp affordable gift card system

We're here to grow with you!

We’re not here to take every penny out of your pocket with high commission rates. So we decided to try this special offer.

You can sell unlimited vouchers for a flat monthly fee, with NO commission. Plus, enjoy a 30-day FREE trial.

Select a plan to get started

Save up to 33% with yearly plan.



billed monthly

  • Up to $1000 voucher per month
  • Standard PDF designs
  • Standard support
VaocherApp 30-day free trial



billed monthly

  • Unlimited gift vouchers
  • 5 team members
  • 5 active promotions
  • Advanced reports
  • Email branding
  • Custom PDF designs
  • POS & Webhook integration
  • Priority support



billed monthly

  • Everything in Business plan
  • Unlimited gift vouchers
  • 20 team members
  • 20 active promotions
  • Enhanced security features (2FA)
  • Manual data import
  • Custom reports
  • Audit logs
  • VaocherApp APIs
  • Dedicated support

Prices are in AUD.

Transactions are also subject to fees charged by payment processors. Read more

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What Our Client Says

  • Our business, Subi Sports Massage & Physio do all of our vouchers through VaocherApp. We do a high volume of online vouchers, and joining Vaocher has saved us hours in reception time. Additionally Lam is amazing to work with. Some of the best customer service we have ever received. They have customised several things to suit our individual business, and have gone above and beyond with innovating and integrating with our booking system. The vouchers are automatically generated and sent out, money automatically transferred to us, and they keep a record of all vouchers. You can also add them in manually which is handy for the vouchers we sell in person at our clinics. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Couldn’t be happier, and would recommend to anyone who sells gift vouchers online.

    Gift card solution
  • Support from Vaocher's team made it very easy for me to get started. When I need help, they always go above and beyond, providing professional and timely service.

    Gift card solution
  • The VaocherApp system provides a very convenient way for our clients to purchase gift certificates for their loved ones.

    Gift card solution
  • Excellent, simple to integrate system. We had been looking for an easy way to add downloadable gift vouchers to our website without cumbersome merchant facilities for some time. Staff are quick to respond to queries. Great service.

    Gift card solution
  • The service received from Vaocher is second to none - any query I have had over the last 12 months has been addressed quickly and efficiently, and Lam has gone above and beyond to help me to improve my business. The system itself works impressively and I have never had a problem with voucher delivery - I would highly recommend Vaocher - I have had a fabulous experience.

    Gift card solution
  • I cannot recommend more highly. The vouchers are professional, the system is extremely user friendly for both the service provider and the client, and the customer service was outstanding in helping me set it up on my website.

    Gift card solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the VaocherApp fee include payment processing fee?
At VaocherApp, we use secure payment processors to ensure that your money is in good hand. Hence, you'll need to cover the cost of your own payment processing fees (e.g. Stripe fee: 1.75$ + 30¢).
OK, I'm interested but what do I do now? How do I get started?
Awesome! Just click here and complete our quick onboarding form, we'll get the ball rolling for you. During the setup process, you only need to verify your email and connect your payment account.
How do I install this onto my website?
We do all the hard work so you don't have to. All you need to do is to copy & paste a code snippet onto your website where you want the VaocherApp checkout form to appear. That is it. If you are not sure, just contact us here and we are happy to help.
I'd like to redeem gift vouchers via POS, is this possible?
Possibly. Our system is open to integrate with other POS systems. It's best to get in touch with us here to discuss further.
Can I use my in-store physical vouchers?
Certainly! If a customer wishes to purchase a physical voucher, you have the option to manually create a voucher with a unique code within VaocherApp merchant dashboard. This code can then be written onto the physical voucher and handed to the customer.
Can I include a surcharge?
Indeed, you have the option to charge a surcharge fee to your customers during checkout, which can assist in offsetting transaction fees and VaocherApp subscription cost.
How & when do I get paid?
All payments in VaocherApp are handled through secure payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal. When a gift voucher is purchased, the funds are swiftly transferred straight into your bank account. Read more.
Is my credit card safe when paying the subscription?
You can rest assured that your card details will be safe because we are PCI compliance. We don't store or even process your credit card details in our servers.
When can I cancel a subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once cancelled, you will continue having access to all features of the paid plan that you're currently on. The downgrade will automatically take effect at the end of the billing cycle.

No setup fees. No lock-in contract. No surprise fees.