5 Tips to Sell More Gift Vouchers on Your Website and Social Media

5 Tips to Sell More Gift Vouchers on Your Website and Social Media

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Gift vouchers are a popular choice for customers who want to give the gift of choice to their loved ones. As a business owner, selling gift vouchers is a great way to increase sales and attract new customers. However, with so many businesses offering gift vouchers, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we'll explore some tips to sell more gift vouchers on your website and social media.

Promote Gift Vouchers on Your Website

Promoting your gift voucher program on your website and social media can be a powerful way to boost sales and increase customer engagement. Creating a dedicated page on your website that showcases your gift voucher program and features eye-catching voucher designs and wording can encourage customers to purchase. Social media can also be an effective tool for reaching new customers and generating interest in your program, through posts and ads that showcase your gift vouchers and offer special promotions.

There are several free tools that you can use to promote gift vouchers on your website, including:

  1. Email marketing: Creating a newsletter and sending out promotional emails to your existing customer base is a cost-effective way to promote your gift voucher program. Be sure to include clear calls-to-action and links to your gift voucher page.
  2. Google My Business: If your business has a physical location, setting up a Google My Business profile can help you reach local customers who are searching for gift vouchers. Be sure to include information on your gift voucher program and a link to your website.
  3. Referral programs: Offering incentives for customers who refer others to your gift voucher program can be a highly effective way to generate interest and boost sales. Consider offering discounts or other rewards to customers who refer new business.

Use Social Media to Promote Gift Vouchers

Social media can be a highly effective tool for promoting your gift voucher program and generating interest among your target audience. With millions of users logging on to social media platforms every day, businesses can reach a wider audience and increase the visibility of their gift vouchers through strategic social media marketing.

One effective way to promote gift vouchers on social media is by creating eye-catching graphics and posts that showcase the value and benefits of your vouchers. Consider highlighting special promotions or discounts, as well as the unique features of your gift voucher program.

In addition to creating organic social media posts, businesses can also leverage paid social media advertising to reach a wider audience and target specific customer demographics. Social media advertising can be highly effective for promoting gift vouchers during peak holiday and shopping seasons, as well as for targeting customers who have shown an interest in similar products or services.

Customize Gift Voucher Templates

Customizing gift voucher templates can be a great way to make your gift vouchers stand out and reinforce your brand. When customizing templates, it's important to consider your brand's color scheme, typography, and other design elements. This will help ensure that your gift vouchers align with your brand's overall look and feel.

One option for customizing gift voucher templates is to use a design tool like Canva. Canva offers a wide range of customisable gift voucher templates that can be edited to fit your brand and promotions. With a variety of design elements, such as fonts, colors, and graphics, businesses can easily create unique and eye-catching gift vouchers that stand out from the competition.

Another option is to use a gift voucher system like VaocherApp, which offers a range of customisable voucher templates that can be tailored to your brand and promotions. With VaocherApp, businesses can easily add their logo, change colors and fonts, and adjust the wording of their gift voucher templates.

Make it Easy to Purchase Gift Vouchers

According to a study by Barilliance, the average cart abandonment rate in Australia is 72.39%. One of the reasons for cart abandonment is a complicated checkout process that is not user-friendly. Making it easy for customers to purchase gift vouchers is the key to driving sales and increasing revenue.

There are many ways to make your gift voucher checkout process simple and easy. It includes:

  • offer multiple payment options (such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other popular payment methods),
  • offer gift vouchers in multiple denominations: this enables your customers to choose the value that best suits their budget and needs
  • have a clear and user-friendly gift voucher checkout on your website. A study by Performance Horizon found that 68% of online shoppers in Australia are more likely to purchase from a retailer that offers a mobile-friendly website.

VaocherApp is a powerful gift voucher system that helps businesses sell gift vouchers online with ease. With VaocherApp, businesses can:

  • accept multiple payment methods such as Stripe, Pin Payments, and PayPal, making it easy for customers to purchase gift vouchers in their preferred way
  • create both fixed and custom price items to sell, allowing them to cater to a wide range of customer needs.
  • provide a user-friendly gift voucher checkout form, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for customers.
  • ... and more (check out full feature list at https://www.vaocherapp.com/features/

Offer Gift Vouchers for Various Occasions

Providing gift vouchers for different occasions is an effective method to boost sales and meet the diverse requirements of customers. By offering gift vouchers for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and corporate events, businesses can tap into the market demand and provide a more personalized experience for their customers.

For example, customers may be looking for a gift voucher for a friend or family member's birthday. By providing a gift voucher specifically designed for birthdays, businesses can offer a more thoughtful and personalized experience for their customers.

Weddings and corporate events are also popular occasions for gift-giving. By offering gift vouchers specifically designed for these occasions, businesses can tap into the market demand and provide a more tailored experience for their customers.

With VaocherApp, users can customize the design and wording of the gift voucher to match the occasion, as well as offer special discounts or promotions for certain occasions.

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