Happy Lunar New Year 2022 & Exciting New Features Coming

Happy Lunar New Year 2022 & Exciting New Features Coming

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Happy Lunar New Year 2022

2021 was the year of the Ox, which brought vaccines to a global pandemic. But now the time has come for Tiger to take the stage in 2022 to bring hope, healing and joy. Tigers are known as a symbol of strength and bravery, and people born in the year of the Tiger are said to have these traits as well.

Happy Chinese New Year 2022

New Features from VaocherApp

Now to celebrate the new year, we've released couple new features that can help you and your team to boost sales and manage gift vouchers better.

1. Copy of receipt

When your customers purchase gift vouchers online, they will receive a confirmation email with a receipt in it.

If you need to get a copy of that receipt, you can do that by subscribing to the "Receipt" notification in Settings → System Notifications

Get copy of receipt
Subscribe to notification to get copy of receipt

2. Generate bulk vouchers

Some businesses find it is handy to be able to generate multiple gift vouchers at once. If that is you, good news is you can do that now in VaocherApp.

When issuing gift voucher, you can choose how many gift vouchers you want to issue. Just set the "Quantity" as needed and click "Issue voucher" button.

Generate bulk vouchers
Subscribe to notification to get copy of receipt


  • if you are on Business or Enterprise plan, there will be no fees at all when issuing gift vouchers
  • if you are on free plan, we charge a 50¢ (50 cents) flat fee for each voucher

Click here to learn more about VaocherApp fee.

3. Add notes to voucher

Add notes to gift vouchers
Add notes to gift vouchers

Ability to add contextual notes or comments to gift vouchers can be handy for both staff members and business owners to provide in-depth explanations of what's going for the given gift voucher.

For example: imagine that someone in your team redeemed a voucher by mistake, then he/she needed to add the credit back; or your customer complained about the product or service and you want to issue a complimentary voucher to make them happy...

Also, if you want to add contextual comments or notes when adding/redeeming gift voucher, you can do that as well by filling the "Notes" input (see screenshot below).

Add notes when redeeming
Add note when adding/redeeming voucher

4. Card authentication (3D Secure)

Lastly, this is one of the most requested features and our dev team have been working hard to fulfill that request.

Online payment fraud and disputes are reasonably rare, but they do occur occasionally. We have an article explaining about this in here. The best way to combat fraudulent payment is to prevent it from happening in the first place. One of the best practices to do that is to implement card authenticated (also known as 3D Secure or 3DS).

If you feel that fraud and disputes are risks for your business, we recommend that you consider activating 3DS in Settings → Payment Gateways → Stripe (or simply open vaocher.app/settings/payments/stripe)

We highly suggest you read this article explaining card authentication, pros and cons, limitations...
If you need any advice, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

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