Online gift voucher system for Beauty & Spa

Online gift voucher system for Beauty & Spa

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Beauty spa industry is primarily a female-dominated profession. However, over the years, male customers have grown in numbers and it has created a shift in demand for spa services. People today are looking for more opportunities to get a relaxing experience. More and more people are purchasing spa vouchers because of the benefits they provide.

The trend of selling gift vouchers (e.g. gift cards or gift certificates) at spas has been growing steadily over the last few years with customers buying them from the spa and then paying the balance at a later date. Spa owners have welcomed this trend as they can generate revenue without having to invest any money up front, and also benefit from word-of-mouth marketing when customers tell their friends about their experience at the spa.

How to start selling gift vouchers for Beauty & Spa
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Why are people buying gift certificates?

Spa gift certificates are ideal gifts for friends, family, and business associates. They are also a good idea for your self-care because it allows you to indulge yourself. The certificate can be used at any time so it can be purchased as a future gift or during the holiday season.

The popularity of spa gift certificates is due to the benefits they offer. These include:

  • comforting and relaxing experience that promotes wellness
  • provides an opportunity to focus on yourself without worrying about other commitments
  • builds healthy relationships by encouraging people to take care of each other
  • promotes relaxation and healing through mind, body, and soul connection
  • enjoyable way to express gratitude

Why you should sell gift cards for you spa?

It is a great opportunity for a spa to generate revenue that can be used to improve its facilities and services. Selling spa gift cards for a business is also an easy way to boost customer loyalty. All they have to do is create a voucher with their own set of rules and regulations, and offer it to customers at a discounted rate.

This will help them develop the relationship with the customer, as well as help them understand what they are looking for in terms of services. Furthermore, it will promote them as an expert in the industry because they are providing customers with something tangible that can be used later on.

The best part about selling spa gift cards and/or gift vouchers is that it can be done through an online platform, where the entire process is automated so you don't have to be present or do anything to sell and manage gift vouchers because.

How to start selling gift vouchers for your spa?

Some businesses are still offering vouchers that they would manually organise and mail out once payment has been made, either at the store, via email or over the phone. The problem with this approach is that it's too painful and inconvenient for the both buyers and sellers.

A better way of doing this is by using a gift voucher management system where everything will be handled for you, from taking payments to delivering vouchers.

With VaocherApp, you will be able to:

  • start selling online gift cards and/or gift vouchers in just a few minutes
  • sell directly on your website (so your customers will never need to leave your site to purchase gift certificates)
  • receive payments online via one of our integrated secure payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal... (click here to see all supported payment providers)
  • get paid straight into your bank account
  • gift certificates will be delivered instantly via email
  • and once your customers are ready to spend them, you can easily validate and redeem vouchers using our powerful dashboard

The VaocherApp's dashboard also comes with loads of features such as:

Issuing vouchers manually

If your customers come to your store and want to buy gift vouchers or call you over the phone, you can manually issue gift certificates and email them. It's super easy!

Running promotions

It's a great way to take your voucher sales to the next level, the promotion code can be used against one or more gift vouchers you have available for sale. You can do "50% discount" or "buy 1, get 1 free"... (see How to create and run promotion)

Vouchers management

All of your voucher orders will be nicely displayed in a searchable/filterable list. You can easily see the status of each voucher, expiry date, remaining balance, etc. Click on each one to see the entire order details such as payment info, redemption history...

Stunning voucher design

Our special design tool allows you to flexibly design your unique and beautiful vouchers with your logo and branding. Alternatively, you can pick one from our stunning templates and get started straight away.

Marketing integrations

VaocherApp is integrated with many other systems such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics... to help you sell and manage gift vouchers even easier.

Check out our Features page for a full list of things you can do with VaocherApp.

Start selling gift vouchers today

Talk to our friendly support team for more info on how to get started or book a demo request here.

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