VaocherApp v2.2 released

VaocherApp v2.2 released

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All payment gateways are free for everyone

You asked for it, we built it.

With v2.2 released today, you will be able to connect to all payment gateways (e.g. Stripe, Pin Payments, PayPal…) regardless of you account plan.

In the past, only subscribed accounts were able to connect to all payment gateways. This change happened because we want to give you more options when choosing which payment provider to connect to in order to start selling gift vouchers online.

If you want to check out the new payment gateways, go to Settings -> Payment Gateways and select the one that you want to connect to and follow the instruction there. If you need help connecting with your payment gateway, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

How does that impact my payouts?

  • if you are on a paid plan, nothing has changed. You should continue enjoying our 0% fee*
  • if you are on free plan and connect to Stripe, nothing will change. We will collect our fee, and the rest will be transferred to your bank account
  • if you are on free plan and connect to any other payment gateways, you'll get 100% of the revenue when a gift voucher is sold. Your payment gateway will take their fee before paying you out to your bank account. We will add our usual 3% fee for a gift voucher sale to a monthly invoice (subject to a AUD$5.00 minimum fee). For more info about our fee, please visit our Pricing Page

Want to sell vouchers without fee?

Consider upgrading to our Business or Enterprise plan to start selling gift vouchers without fee*. You will also get access to more premium features such as inviting members to join your team, sales reports… To learn more about subscription plans, visit our Pricing Page.

Manage subscription

Now you can have more granular control over your subscription and billing. You can add billing information, update your payment method and view all the invoices in one place.

Simply go to Settings -> Subscription & Billing -> Manage your plan & payment details

Manage subscription

Email Activity Log

From now on, every email sent to your guest will be logged, and you can view all the sent emails in Reports -> Email Logs.

In this page, you can see the email delivery details including recipient name and addresses, email subject and content, as well as the delivery status. This is useful when it comes to managing what got sent to your guests and make sure they receieved it. You may find this feature handy in situation where guests entered a wrong email when buying gift vouchers online and you can confirm by checking the email logs and it’s your call to resend the voucher to them again.

Email log

(*): you still need to pay the payment gateway fee

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