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Cliniko - How to get account API key


Cliniko is practice management software for clinics and allied health practitioners, trusted by thousands of healthcare practitioners in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Connect your Cliniko account to VaocherApp to sync your guest's info with Cliniko patient database. This is useful if you want to know a patient has a gift voucher attached or not.

To connect VaocherApp to your Cliniko account, you need to copy and paste your Cliniko API key into VaocherApp integration setting.

How to connect Cliniko account

1/ Log in

Click here to log in to your Cliniko account.

2/ Generating an API key

  • click on My info under your name Click My Info
  • under API keys, click Manage API keysManage API keys

    ☝️ Note: You'll want to be sure that "Allow yourself to create and use API keys" is toggled to Yes. Otherwise, you will not be able to create an API key!

  • You'll now be brought to the API Keys Page. From here, click Add an API KeyAdd an API Key
  • Under the Name field, enter VaocherAppAPI key name
  • once you click Create API Key button, you'll now see a long string of letters and numbers — This is your API key! Copy it now, as it won't be shown again: New API key

3/ Copy & Paste key

  • now switch to your VaocherApp account. Click here to log in
  • navigate to SettingsIntegrations and click on the View instruction link under Cliniko logo (or simply click here )
    View connect instruction
    Click "View instruction"
  • paste the API key that you copied from step above into the API Key input field Paste API key
  • don't forget to click Save Changes after all