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Cliniko - Include extra information

Once you have set up the integration with your Cliniko account, you can configure the integration to include some extra information that you collect from your customers via VaocherApp.

For example: if you have a "birthday" custom field, you can include that in the integration so that info will be passed to Cliniko Patient profile.

This article will run you through what extra information you can include and how to set them up.

💡 If you have not set up an integration with Cliniko app, visit this help article.

Include extra note

First off, to help you manage the sold gift vouchers (in VaocherApp) vs patient data (in Cliniko app), you can add your own note in the Extra note input field. Whatever you typed here will be transferred to Cliniko Patient's Extra information.

👉 For example: if you enter Patient created from VaocherApp (voucher code: [codes]). into the Extra note field, it will be passed to your Cliniko app like this (see screenshots below):

Extra note in VaocherApp
Extra note in VaocherApp
Extra information in Cliniko
Extra information in Cliniko

List of supported shortcodes:

[purchaser]purchaser's name
[recipient]recipient's name
[message]message from the purchaser
[balance]current remaining balance (e.g. $100)
[codes]comma separated gift voucher reference codes
[expiry]voucher expiry date
[created_date]voucher created/issued date
[item]menu item name
[item_description]menu item description
[item_terms]menu item terms & conditions
[order_url]url to view the order details

💡 Hint:

  • Using [order_url] shortcode will give you the full URL to view the order details in VaocherApp's dashboard. For example: ""
  • Whereas [order_url short=1] will give you the shortened one. For example: ""

Include custom fields

Custom fields come into handy when you need to collect more information from your customers (e.g. phone, address, birthday...). Check out this help article for more info about custom fields.

To include a custom field, click on the Add button:

Extra information in Cliniko

Then, select:

  • From field: is the custom fields from VaocherApp that you created
  • To field: is the field that appears in your Cliniko Patient profile
Activate quick redeem feature
Include birthday info into Cliniko integration

👉  Note: the example above may look different to what you'll see in your account, depends on the custom fields you created.