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How do the emails appear to the buyer and recipient?


When customers purchase a gift card, whether for themselves to enjoy later or as a thoughtful gesture for someone else, our seamless system ensures that the experience is accompanied by meticulously crafted emails. These emails are not just transactional notifications but serve as personalised touchpoints, reflecting the care and attention from your business dedicate to every aspect of your service. This commitment to customisation extends to every detail, from the appearance and wording of the emails to the inclusion of the gift card itself, ensuring that every interaction reinforces the value and significance of the gift-giving experience.

Recipient Email

The recipient receives an email that includes the gift card (with no purchase values/cost included). The email's look & feel, as well as wording, can be fully customised in your dashboard.

Gift card email
Gift card email to recipient

Purchaser Email

The purchaser receives a receipt email that may contain a copy of the gift card. This email's appearance, wording, logo, and colors are customisable in your dashboard.

Receipt email
Receipt email to purchaser

Types of Emails

Depending on the purchase options selected:

  1. If a customer buys a gift for someone else and chooses to send it directly to the recipient:
    • We send the gift card to the recipient.
    • The purchaser receives a receipt (including a copy of the gift card) via email.
  2. If a customer purchases a gift card for someone else but opts to send it to themselves:
    • The purchaser's email address receives the receipt along with the purchased gift card(s).

These email functionalities are part of our comprehensive gift card software and voucher management system, allowing for tailored communication to suit your brand's requirements.