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How to create and run promotion

Running promotion is one of the easiest ways to encourage your customers to buy more, especially during sales period like Christmas, Black Friday, New Year...

Create new promotion

To create promotion, log in to your VaocherApp account, navigate to Settings → Promotions (or click here

Create promotion
Create new promotion

Promotion Conditions

You can create a simple promotion where everyone can use it as many times as they want. If you want to limit a certain conditions such as minimum order or buy from specific menu items, you can do so via "Triggering conditions" section.

Triggering conditions is where you can define when your promotion should kick in. By default, your customers have to enter the promotion code to trigger the condition. You can add more conditions by clicking the "Add new condition" button:

Add promotion condition

From here, you can select:

  • Buy from selected items: customers have to buy from 1 of these menu items
  • Minimum order spend: customers have to spend at least this amount of value (e.g. buy at least $200)
  • Minimum voucher bought: customers have to buy at least this amount of voucher in 1 transaction (e.g. buy at least 2 vouchers)
  • One per customer: customers can only use this promotion once1

💡 Hint: you can combine multiple conditions (see example below)

Promotion conditions
Multiple conditions

Promotion Rewards

How do you want to reward your customers when they've entered a valid promotion code? You can choose what to give away by selecting the promotion reward.

Available rewards:

  • Fixed discount off the entire order: reduce the total fixed amount the purchaser has to pay (e.g. discount $50)
  • Fixed discount per voucher bought: reduce the total fixed amount the purchaser has to pay per number of vouchers bought (e.g. discount $20 per each voucher, so when buying 3 vouchers, will receive 3 x $20 = $60 off)
  • Percentage discount off the entire order: reduce the total % amount the purchaser has to pay (e.g. discount 50%)


Below is a full example of creating a 50% off Christmas promotion where your customers can enter the code XMAS2021 and spend at least $200 to receive 50% discount.

50% off Christmas promotion
50% off Christmas promotion