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How to create and upload a gift voucher design

Gift voucher design is a template used to print the actual gift voucher that will be sent to recipients. You can upload gift voucher artwork on a per-item basis. That means you can sell different items with different designs at the same time.

ℹ️ Changing artwork

You can change the artwork you upload to VaocherApp as often as you like, and it will not affect the already sold gift voucher sales as we store the artwork with the gift voucher at the time of sale.

How to create gift voucher artwork

Navigate to where you can see all the artworks available to your account, then click on the "Create new PDF" button.

From here, you can select from our pre-designed PDF templates or you can start from scratch by selecting "Blank" template.

Pre-designed PDF templates
Pre-designed PDF templates

Simple Editor Template

"Simple Editor" template allows you to quickly create a gift voucher design, upload your logo and you are ready to go. We have pre-configured all the design settings in this editor so you don't have to worry about learning how to use the builder tool.

To create a "Simple Editor" template:

Simple editor template
Simple editor template

This editor is suitable for users who are looking for a quick and easy way to create voucher design. We promise it only takes you 3 clicks and you can use this design to sell your online gift vouchers.

Once created, you will be able to change:

  • image (can be your logo or hero image)
  • image corner radius

To learn more about how to use this Simple Editor and what you can do, visit this help artcile

Blank Template

If you are looking for a more powerful gift voucher builder where you can almost customise anything, look no further. VaocherApp Advanced Builder allows you to drag & drop to create your unique gift voucher or gift card design.

To create a "Simple Editor" template:

Advanced Editor mode
Advanced Editor mode

Using this editor, you will be able to change:

  • font family
  • text colour
  • text size
  • alignment
  • upload logos or images
  • static texts (e.g. gift voucher usage instruction, or terms and conditions...)

To learn more about how to use this Advanced Editor and what you can do, visit this help artcile

Pre-Designed Gift Voucher Template

To make things event simpler and easier for you, we've created many different gift voucher templates where you can choose one and start editing.

To do so:

Want to make changes to this template? Don't worry, you're able to make any changes as you want. These templates are just to help you to get the idea on how to set up one. After created, are you free to customise it (same as "Blank" template above).

How to apply gift voucher design to an item for sale

For every item you sell, you can attach a gift voucher artwork/design to it. This allows you to customise the gift vouchers to fit your business's products or services (e.g. seasonal items, special/holiday...).

To do this:

  • navigate to
  • click on the item (to edit it) you want to upload specific design for
  • scroll to the PDF design section and click "Change PDF template"
Apply artwork to item for sale
Apply artwork to item for sale

Remember to save changes after all. Then, when your customers select this item in your checkout, they will see the artwork change in real-time and it will be used in the gift voucher they ultimately purchase.

Our gift voucher design requirements

We require a specific format for your gift voucher artwork:

  • Format: PNG, JPG or JPEG
  • Minimum size (wide x high): 210 x 297 mm (or 1240 x 1754 px)

You can, and should, provide a higher resolution (e.g. 2480 x 3508 pixels) so that the gift voucher presents well on high resolution screens (e.g. retina display).

We highly recommend using Canva to design your gift vouchers. They have a huge template library for gift vouchers, from free to paid designs.