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How to create limited offer vouchers

What is Limited Offer or Seasonal voucher

Limited offer or seasonal vouchers are useful if you want to sell Christmas or New Year vouchers alongside with your normal gift vouchers. It comes into handy when you want to:

  • only show these special vouchers within a certain date range (e.g. Xmas vouchers can only be bought from 1st to 31st of December)
  • or only sell 100 limited addition vouchers (once the 100th voucher is sold, this menu item will become unavailable to your customers).

💡 Hint: you can combine these setups with promotion to have greater control on the discount.

How to create limited offer item

All you need to do is to edit an existing menu item (or create new one if not yet), and at the bottom of the form, click on "Show advanced settings" button.

Show advanced settings
Menu item advanced settings

Then you will see a new bunch of settings expanded underneath, scroll to the Stock availability & Limit section where you can set the "Items available" and "Per order limit" fields.

Voucher availability & limit
  • Items available: how many gift vouchers you want to sell for this item
  • Per order limit: limit your customers to only buy 1 voucher per transaction

When "Per order limit" value is greater than 1, your customers will be able to set the quantity to buy in your checkout form (see screenshot below).

Buy multiple vouchers
Buying multiple vouchers in checkout form

How to create seasonal item

Similar to above, when editing a menu item, at the bottom of the form, click on "Show advanced settings" button, then scroll to the Visibility section where you can set the "Visible from" and "Visible until end of day on" fields.

Set visible date range
Set visible date range

Once set, this menu item will not be available to purchase until the "Visible from" date is passed and before the "Visible until end of day on" date. This process happens automatically so you can set and forget about it.