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How to enable test mode and place test orders

We understand user experience is important, not only for us, but also for your customers. Therefore, enabling test mode and placing test orders in your VaocherApp account is handy when it comes to training your team and/or your self on how to manage, issue and redeem gift vouchers.

How to enable test mode

Test mode feature in VaocherApp allows you to play around with your account in "sandbox" mode. It means that you can place orders via the Checkout Form without entering your credit card details or incurring any VaocherApp fees.

Orders placed in test mode have no impacts to your live mode account.

To enable test mode, click on the "Checkout form" sidebar menu Sidebar Checkout form menu and switch the "Test mode" to "ON".

Switch to TEST MODE
Switch to TEST MODE

Alternatively, you can navigate to Settings → System Preferences → Checkout form and switch the "Test mode" to "ON".

How do I know my account is in test or live mode?

When you are logged in to VaocherApp dashboard, on the left sidebar, you will see a menu item called "Checkout form".

If there is a TEST badge on top of that menu, then your account is in test mode.

Account in test mode
Account in test mode

Otherwise, if you don't see that badge, it means your account is in live mode.

Account in live mode
Account in live mode

How to place a test order

Once you have enabled the test mode, you can open your test checkout form by clicking on the "Checkout form" menu, and click "Open checkout form" button.

Open checkout form in test mode
Open checkout form in test mode

Here is how your test mode checkout form should look:

Test mode checkout form example

Just follow the checkout steps and complete the order. You will not be asked to enter the credit card details when making payment.

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Published on December 14, 2021