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How to redeem gift vouchers

When customers arrive in your store and they want to redeem the gift vouchers, you can follow the steps below to validate and redeem the gift voucher.

Steps to redeem voucher

First of all, you need to open the voucher you want to add credit to. On your laptop, tablet or mobile:

  1. Log in to your VaocherApp account
  2. Search for voucher code:
    • in search toolbar How to search vouchers in VaocherApp
    • or using Code Scanner How to scan voucher code in VaocherApp
  3. Click on the "Redeem" button How to update voucher credit in VaocherApp

From here, you can:
  • enter the amount you want to redeem
  • enter some notes (this note is private and won't be showed to your customers)
How to redeem gift cards online

If you need to add more credit to a gift voucher, visit this article

"Quick Redeem" feature

To make it even more easy for you and your team to redeem gift vouchers, you can activate the "Quick Redeem" feature, which will show a slider or pre-defined amounts (depends on what you want) to let you quickly adjust the amount to redeem.

Simply head to Settings → System Preferences → Gift Vouchers (or simply click here), then navigate to "Quick redeem" section and switch on the setting.

Activate quick redeem feature
Activate "Quick redeem" feature

From here, you can select either:

  1. Slider mode: will show a slider that allow you to drag
  2. Fixed amounts mode: you can pre-define some common redeem amounts
Quick redeem slider mode
Slider mode
Quick redeem fixed amounts mode
Fixed amounts mode