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How to show specific menu items and reorder them in checkout form

With the ability to customise the checkout form, you have full control of which menu items to show as well as the order of the menu items appearing in the checkout form.

Show specific menu items

By default, the checkout form will show all public menu items in chronological order (show the latest on first). If you only want to show some specific menu items, just follow these steps:

  1. navigate to SettingsSetup & Installation
  2. select the platform you want to embed to (e.g. WordPress or Facebook...)
  3. in the "Copy code" step, click on the "Customise checkout form" button
    Customise checkout form
  4. in the expanded panel, select "Specific item(s)" option under the "Customers can buy" section
  5. select the menu items you want to show in the checkout form
    Re-order menu items

Reorder menu items

If you want to priority the menu item ordering, you can do that as well using the "Select item(s) you want to show" (see steps above).

The order you select in this step will also be the order of the menu items when viewing in the checkout form.

In the example below, the Custom value voucher will show first, and then $100 voucher after that.

Example of reordering menu items
Re-ordering menu items example.