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How to update voucher design in Simple Mode

VaocherApp Voucher Builder in "Simple Mode" enables you to quickly create a gift voucher design using our pre-configured template. All you need to do is to upload your business logo and that's it.

This article is for "Simple Editor Mode". Visit this one for how to use "Advanced Editor Mode".

Get started

If you haven't created a gift voucher design (also called PDF artwork), you can visit How to create and upload a gift voucher design help article to create one.

To start designing your gift voucher or gift card, navigate to and select the template you want to edit.


Our default template adopts minimalistic design that includes:

  • recipient name
  • purchased menu item name
  • purchaser name
  • purchaser message

And in the footer, we have:

  • voucher remaining balance
  • voucher reference code
  • expiry
  • your business address
  • scannable code (as an image)
Voucher design template
Voucher design template

✨️ Those tags (e.g. [recipient], [item]...) in the template will be replaced by the actual content when generating the ultimate voucher design.

What you can customise

To keep this design as simple as possible, we have set all the necessary settings for you so you don't have to worry about learning how to use the design tool.

However, you still be able to:

  1. upload your logo
  2. change the image corner radius
Upload your business logo
Upload your business logo

Remember you can always preview your design by:

  • navigate to "Settings" tab
  • click "Download preview" button
Upload your business logo
Upload your business logo