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Pin Payments


Pin Payments is an Australian based credit card processor that let you accept card payments from your customers without a bank merchant account.

If you have a Pin Payments account, you can connect it to VaocherApp and we will take payments online using your Pin Payments account. You get paid for every sale in full straight away to your Pin Payments account balance. We then collect our 3% fee in a monthly invoice we issue to you.

How to connect your Pin Payments account

Login to your VaocherApp dashboard and then browse to

From here, you will need to provide 2 keys from your Pin Payments account: the Secret Key and Publishable Key.

How to get Pin Payments keys

1. Make "billing address" optional

What you need to do here is:

  • click here to open Pin Payments support page
  • enter your name and email address (the one that you used to register Pin Payments new account)
  • in "I need help with" options, select "Other"
  • copy & paste the message below into the "Message" field

Message to copy:

Hi Pin Payments team,
I'm currently selling vouchers online via and was advised by VaocherApp support team that the customer "billing address" field will need to be disabled (or made optional) in my PinPayments account for the transaction to go through.
Since I'm not selling physical products via PinPayments, are you able to disable that address field?
Kind regards

After filled in all the info, it should look like the image below. Make sure you hit the "Submit" button and wait for their response.

How to make Pin Payments address field optional

Why is this step required

By default, Pin Payments will ask for "billing address" (e.g. shipping address) when making payment, which is not needed in our case. Therefore, to deliver a better user experience to your guests when buying vouchers online, you will need to make that billing address fields optional.

At the time of writing, the only way to do this is to contact Pin Payments support (read more here).

Note: make sure you have done this before continuing. Otherwise, even after you connected with VaocherApp, your guests still won't be able to complete the payment process when buying vouchers online.

2. Log in

Make sure you have completed step 1 above before continue.

Log in to your Pin Payments dashboard

3. Copy keys

Navigate to API Keys setting:

  • From Pin Payments dashboard, click on "Account" on the left-hand menu
  • then click "API Keys" (under Payment Tools section)
Go to API Keys setting

Look for your "Live API Key" section and then copy & paste both "Secret" and "Publishable" keys into the VaocherApp connect form.

Copy secret and publishable keys

4. Paste keys

Now go to your VaocherApp account -> Settings -> Payment Gateways -> select Pin Payments.

Then paste the 2 keys you copied above to the corresponding inputs.

After copied, your VaocherApp connect form should look something like below:

How to connect to Pin Payments

That's it! You now can click the "Connect" button and ready to start selling vouchers online.

Get stuck? Contact our support team, and we'll do our best to assist you further.