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Overview of your program performance

Log in to your VaocherApp account and go to you'll see a report dashboard that showcases your gift voucher program overview:

VaocherApp reports

Here, you will be able to see:

  • your account overview and sales reports
  • transaction history
  • gift voucher redemption activity
  • emails sent to your guests
  • guest's info
Account overview and sales report

View your outstanding gift voucher liability

All gift voucher activities and transactions in your account are logged behind the scene. This is very useful if you want to extract the data to work with other accounting ledger systems.

To view a chart of your liability over time, navigate to Settings → Reports → Overview (or open then select your report date range and switch to "Unredeemed" type.

Outstanding gift voucher liability

View who and where gift vouchers were redeemed

If you have other team members managing the gift vouchers and want to know when a gift voucher gets redeemed and who redeems it, you can do that via the **Redemptions **report in

Redemption report

You can also click on the voucher to see the details (e.g. the purchaser info, payment...)