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Set default gift voucher settings

What Are Default Gift Voucher Settings?

When you have lots of items for sale, and you need to change your terms & conditions for all of those items, you would have to go and edit every single item. This process is not ideal and time-consuming.

Therefore, we've introduced the Item Global Settings (e.g. default gift voucher settings) where you can set and share the configurations across all your items. From now on, you only need to go and edit 1 place.

To configure your Item Global Settings, navigate to Settings → Gift Voucher Settings (or simply open

Set default gift voucher artwork
Set default gift voucher artwork

💡 These settings can always be overridden by individual item settings (see below section for more info).

How These Settings Work?

When you create new menu item, these global settings will be applied:

Gift voucher advanced settings

If you need to override any of these settings, you can always do that by clicking on the Change button.

What Can Be Configured?

  • voucher artwork (e.g. PDF design)
  • terms & conditions
  • expiry
  • reference code format