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Specifying terms & conditions on gift vouchers

You'll probably want to inform your customers of any special terms you want to apply to your gift vouchers. This is important to protect your business. In the case that the terms and conditions are breached, you have the legal right to take action.

In VaocherApp, T&C is bound to each menu item. This enables you to have a more granular control (e.g. having different terms on different menu items).

How to set Terms & Conditions

  1. go to
  2. select the item (by clicking onto it's name) that you want to add or update T&C
  3. scroll to the bottom and click on "Show advanced settings"
  4. then you will see Terms & conditions section appears after it
Discount vouchers

💡 Hint: you are not limited to just T&C here. You can enter "voucher usage instruction" or "how to visit your store"...

How it looks on the checkout form

Discount vouchers
T&C shows in checkout form

How it looks on the gift voucher

It's up to you whether you want to include the T&C into the gift voucher or not. And if you do, whatever you entered will be showed in the gift voucher sent to the recipient as well.

Similar to gift voucher design, you can decide if you want to include the T&C into the receipt email sent to the purchaser.