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Squarespace Integration

VaocherApp Integration with Squarespace

The VaocherApp integration with Squarespace allows you to easily sell gift certificates directly from your Squarespace website. It easy for businesses to sell gift vouchers online, increase revenue and attract new customers, while also provide a convenient and streamlined experience for your customers.

How Does It Work?

The VaocherApp integration with Squarespace works by allowing you to embed the VaocherApp Checkout form directly onto your Squarespace website.

Once the VaocherApp Checkout form is embedded on your Squarespace page, customers can easily purchase gift certificates by filling out the form and submitting their payment information. The gift voucher is then automatically sent to the recipient's email address or the purchaser's email address if no recipient email was provided.

To redeem, customers can simply present their gift certificate code to the business when making a purchase. The business can then verify the gift card balance and process the transaction.

How To Integration?

Based on your Squarespace subscription plan, there are different approaches you can set up this integration. Simply go to and following the instruction accordingly.