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SwiftPOS integration


The integration between VaocherApp and SwiftPOS offers an innovative solution for businesses looking to streamline their online gift card redemption process. By combining the capabilities of VaocherApp's online gift card software with SwiftPOS's point of sale system, businesses can enjoy efficient and seamless transactions, providing a more satisfying experience for customers.

In this integration, VaocherApp and SwiftPOS work together to improve the overall experience, helping businesses boost sales and enhance their brand reputation.

How Does Integration Work

When someone makes a gift voucher purchase in VaocherApp checkout, we will push that voucher to your SwiftPOS immediately. You will be able to see the purchased gift voucher and it's balance in your POS system.

When your customers present their gift vouchers in your store, the SwiftPOS system scans the voucher code to verify the validity of the voucher. If valid, the voucher amount is automatically applied to the transaction, with the remaining balance payable by the customer.

How To Set Up

Set up SwiftPOS integration
Set up SwiftPOS integration

To set up the integration with your SwiftPOS, open and you will need to provide all the necessary info including:

  • Customer ID: your SwiftPOS registration number.
  • Client ID: web API enabled Location within your SwiftPOS environment.
  • Clerk ID: the staff ID that has the security permissions in SwiftPOS to initiate the API calls.
  • Member ID
  • Member type
  • Media IDs
  • Gift voucher mapping instruction: this mapping will instruct VaocherApp to push the purchased gift voucher to the corresponding voucher setup in your SwiftPOS account.

Place Test Order

Once you have all the credentials entered into the VaocherApp - SwiftPOS integration setting page, we recommend that you create a $1 test menu item and place an order via the checkout form (refer to How to get menu item direct checkout link for more info).

The purchased gift voucher should appear in your SwiftPOS terminal shortly. You can also confirm that the gift voucher gets pushed successfully by looking into the order activities.

Order activities
Order activities

Need Help?

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