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What is pre-paid fee package?

What is VaocherApp prepaid fee package?

Prepaid fee package is a total amount of voucher sales that you don't have to pay the VaocherApp fee when you sell a gift voucher.

For example: if you have a prepaid fee package of $500, you can sell 5 x $100 gift vouchers and pay zero fees*.

How to get prepaid fee package?

There are many different ways to get this package for free. For instance, you can write us a honest review at TrustPilot, or refer a friend to VaocherApp (read more).

How does that work with subscription plans?

Pre-paid fee package is useful if you are on the Free plan, where you can sell gift vouchers and have the VaocherApp fee waived. However, if you are using one of our paid plans, you can request to convert all of your pre-paid fee packages into account credits and use it to redeem for the monthly subscription fee.

Please contact our support team for more info.

(*): this is subjective to your payment provider fee.
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Published on December 6, 2021