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WordPress integration


As a business owner, you know how important it is to engage your customers and increase sales. One effective way to do this is by offering digital gift cards or vouchers. With VaocherApp and WordPress integration, you can easily create, distribute, and manage digital vouchers on your website, streamlining your sales process and boosting customer engagement.

By integrating VaocherApp with WordPress, you can add digital gift cards as a sales tool on your website, making it easy for your customers to purchase and use vouchers.

Benefits of VaocherApp and WordPress Integration

Integrating VaocherApp with WordPress can offer several benefits for your business:

  • Boost sales: digital gift cards are a popular gift option, and offering them on your website can increase sales and revenue.
  • Streamline your sales process: with digital vouchers, there's no need for physical cards or manual tracking. Everything is managed through VaocherApp and WordPress, saving you time and effort.
  • Improve customer engagement: offering digital gift cards can help you engage with your customers and encourage repeat business.
  • Customisable branding: with VaocherApp, you can customize the design of your vouchers to match your branding, making them more visually appealing and memorable.

How It Works

After you've installed and set up the VaocherApp plugin into your WordPress website, you will be able to embed VaocherApp checkout into your WordPress page. This is where your customers will place orders.

When someone makes a purchase, VaocherApp will handle sending receipt to purchaser, sending gift voucher to recipient... If your WordPress site has WooCommerce plugin enabled, the purchased gift voucher will be pushed to your WooCommerce so later on your guests can redeem the voucher in your WooCommerce store.

All of that happens automatically behind the scene, you don't need to spend time copying and managing gift vouchers anymore.

How to Integrate VaocherApp with WordPress

To integrate VaocherApp with WordPress, you can use the VaocherApp WordPress plugin. Here's how to get started:

1. install the VaocherApp WordPress plugin:

  • log in to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • on the left sidebar, click "Plugins" menu
  • then click "Add New" button at the top left of the Plugins page
  • search for keyword "vaocherapp" and you will find our plugin (see screenshot below)
VaocherApp plugin
VaocherApp plugin

✨️ Alternatively, you can manually download and install the plugin here

2. Set up WordPress plugin

Once installed and activated the plugin:

  • go back to your WordPress Plugins page by clicking on the "Plugins" menu on the left sidebar
  • find the "VaocherApp" plugin on that page, click on the "Settings" button (see screenshot below) Set up VaocherApp plugin

3. Connect your account

The first time when you visit VaocherApp plugin page, you should see something like this:

VaocherApp plugin setting page

Just follow the instruction on that screen:

  • if you already had a VaocherApp account, click the right button "Connect to VaocherApp"
  • otherwise, click "Create New Account" button on the left

The page will redirect you back to VaocherApp dashboard to finish the setup.

ℹ️ While being redirected, don't close the browser or navigate back. Everything should be handled automatically.