80% of consumers want to buy through online messaging

80% of consumers want to buy through online messaging

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Why online messaging?

Online messaging is becoming the number one communication channel preferred by 80% of consumers when making purchases and chatting with businesses.

The latest studies by Google1 and Deloitte2 indicate that 8 out of 10 customers want to receive advice and purchase through messages while 63% are ready to switch to purchase from businesses whose use messaging as their communication channel. 60% of businesses that have adopted messaging see significant growth compared to those that still depend on email or phone to sell and provide services.

Benefit of selling through online messaging

There are numerous occasions when your customers really want is a link to pay where they can just simply pay and get what they want. For instance:

  • run special event (i.e Valentine, Grand Open..) on social media, email campaign, or newsletters
  • customers reach out directly via phone, online chat,.. to purchase a specific product/service

In those situations, if you ask your customers to go to your website and figure out themselves how to find the thing they want, you are more likely to lose sales. The recommended approach is to prepare a link and send it to your customers so they can just fill in the payment details and complete the transaction. Because:

With a direct payment link, you will no longer have to instruct the customers to visit your website, navigate through pages, click on different tabs, or take credit card details over the phone.

Just with one click, and your customers will be prompted to enter the purchase details, then move on to making payments and that's it! The entire sale process will only take less than a minute to complete.

Since you've made it so easy for your customers to buy, they're more likely to.

2/ Better customer experience

Customers today tend to use digital payment methods such as credit and debit cards, as well as virtual wallets.

Your customers can pay you faster if you support more flexible payment methods. The majority of solutions allow users to store their favorite payment methods in the system for faster payment as well.

Direct payment links also contribute to customer satisfaction because of their security. Customers feel safer and more secure paying electronically.

3/ Better brand recognition

Let your clients know that you stay current with technology and create a sense of tranquility for your customers. You will increase their loyalty by doing so.

4/ The flexibility of choosing sales channels

Links to payment can be shared through social media and messaging platforms, which allows you to customise the purchase and send a message to thank customers or to promote other products (also known as cross-selling).

Social media is an excellent channel for sales, but don't limit yourself to it. There are other options such as Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram...

Flexibility of choosing sales channels
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How to sell gift vouchers through online messaging

Direct payment links provide a host of benefits to you and your customers. You can sell more vouchers by having flexible sale channels and making the sale process smoother. You can also improve your brand loyalty by showing your customers that you're up-to-date with technology. Customers will also be more satisfied with a seamless and secure buying experience.

To generate a direct payment link in VaocherApp, check out this help article here.


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