February 2023 Release

February 2023 Release

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We are excited to announce the release of our new features! Our team has been working hard to bring you the latest updates and improvements that will help you sell more gift cards and gift vouchers online. These features will also help streamline your workflow and provide a better overall experience for your customers.

1. Item Global Settings

Let's say you have hundreds of items for sale and all of them have the same terms & conditions. When you need to update the terms & conditions, you will need to go and edit every individual one, which is not ideal.

Understanding that pain, we've introduced the Item Global Settings where you can set and share the configurations across all your items. Of course, you still be able to override that global settings for a particular item (e.g. seasonal item has different terms & conditions).

To configure your Item Global Settings, navigate to Settings → Gift Voucher Settings (or simply open https://vaocher.app/settings/gift-voucher/)

2. Support Shortcodes in Cliniko Integration

Before this update, [codes] is the only shortcode you can use in Cliniko integration Extra note field. Now, you can use all of these following shortcodes:

[purchaser]purchaser's name
[recipient]recipient's name
[message]message from the purchaser
[balance]current remaining balance (e.g. $100)
[codes]comma separated gift voucher reference codes
[expiry]voucher expiry date
[created_date]voucher created/issued date
[item]menu item name
[item_description]menu item description
[item_terms]menu item terms & conditions
[business_name]your business name
[business_address]your business address
[business_email]your business email
[business_phone]your business phone
[business_website]your business website

3. Improved Guest's Notification Emails

When more and more features are introduced, the communication with your customers also needs to be improved as well. With this update:

  • email sent to purchaser will have the order details included such as: deliver method, scheduled datetime to send by email, recipient's address...
  • email sent to recipient will have a beautiful designed button to download the gift voucher(s).
Example recipient download gift voucher button
Example recipient download gift voucher button

We've also made an improvement to the downloading gift voucher behaviour where your customers can manually click to download the gift voucher in case the auto download function does not work (due to the browser's permission and limitation from the embedded web view). Hopefully, this will save your business time from picking up the phone call from your purchasers asking why they could not download the voucher.

4. Improved Checkout Message

Similar to the above improvement, the "Thank You" step (the final step of the checkout form) also gets refined to include more details from the order.

More order details in checkout
More order details in checkout

5. 🐛 Bugs Fixed & System Improvements

Last but not least, this release also includes some improvements and bug fixes. These changes help to make VaocherApp even smoother and faster to use.

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