November 2022 Release

November 2022 Release

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The end of the year is a time for celebration and gift-giving. People often buy gifts for their friends, family members, and colleagues. And gift vouchers are the most popular, especially for those who don't want the pressure of finding the perfect gift for their beloved.

To help you and your business get ready for the high season, we are excited to introduce a couple of new things in VaocherApp:

  1. 🆕 Ability to schedule when the gift voucher gets sent
  2. Ability to re-send team member invite
  3. In-app live chat
  4. Item's custom print name
  5. Bugs fixed and system improved

1. Ability to Schedule When The Gift Voucher Gets Sent

This is a really nifty feature we've built in to our checkout. From now on, your customers can choose any day in the future, along with a time when they want the gift voucher to be sent to the recipient.

Visit this help doc for more info.

Note that this feature only applies to digital gift vouchers, so if you have our postal feature turned on, it won't apply to those orders.

2. Ability To Re-send Team Member Invite

When sending invite to your staff or team member to join your team, the invite only stays valid for 30 days. For some reasons the invitee does not accept within that window, the invite will be automatically expired.

In the past, you will need to revoke the invite and send a new one again. But that is too cumbersome. Now, you will be able to re-send the invite in just 1 click. See How to re-send invite.

3. In-app Live Chat

We are working hard to always be supportive and keep our customers happy. We understand that sometimes waiting for days to get help is pretty boring. Therefore, we have implemented an in-app live chat to provide quick support for you and your team. You will be able to get answers without having to wait on hold for hours or wait for an email response.

In-app live chat
VaocherApp Help & Support

To get help & support, from the VaocherApp sidebar menu (on left hand side), navigate to "Support" or simply go to

4. Item's Custom Print Name

Using different names on items for sale allows you to keep your products/services easy to manage and deliver a better user experience to your customers when they are purchasing via checkout form. You can name your item for sale "this" but when printing the gift voucher, it reads "that".

Visit this help article for how to use item's custom print name.

5. 🐛 Bugs Fixed & System Improvements

Last but not least, this release also includes some improvements and bug fixes. These changes help to make VaocherApp even smoother and faster to use.

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