How to start selling gift vouchers online

How to start selling gift vouchers online

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What is a gift voucher?

A gift voucher (or gift card, gift certificate) is a type of monetary award that is given as a present to the purchaser's friends or family members. It can be used for products or services at the business for which it was purchased. This type of award is popular with customers because it provides more options and flexibility in selecting a product or service that will suit the recipient's needs.

Often, gift vouchers can only be redeemed on certain dates, usually holidays or other special occasions. This ensures they will not expire before being used and will serve to incentivise purchases during those periods when sales are lower than normal.

Gift vouchers are typically designed to promote long-term customer loyalty by making sure recipients will return to use their voucher at the company for which it was purchased for years to come. 

Promote long-term customer loyalty
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The Benefits of Selling Gift Vouchers Online


Selling gift vouchers online is not only convenient for customers, but also saves you time and money on printing costs. 

They can be purchased instantly and they are cheaper than purchasing them offline. They also have more choices available than traditional gift certificates in terms of what they can be spent on and will always be delivered electronically - which is convenient as it saves time sending/receiving paper vouchers and it ensures that the voucher will never get lost in the post.

Increase sales

Online vouchers are a great way to increase sales. You can send them via email or post them on social media platforms. This method of marketing is inexpensive and easy to implement. It can be used for a one-time deal or as part of a larger marketing campaign to increase awareness for your business.

Attract new customers

Businesses can attract new customers with the help of gift vouchers. Online gift vouchers are a great option for small businesses that want to keep their marketing budget in check. Businesses can also offer voucher discounts to new customers, and as an incentive for existing customers to buy more products.

Increase brand awareness

Several studies show that gift vouchers are increasingly becoming the most popular holiday presents. It is because gifting vouchers to friends and family is not only easy but also a great way to expand a brand's reach.

When a person brings in a voucher to get their friend or family member something, they are more likely to notice the store's logo. This is because they may not have heard of the store before and will now associate it with the gift they just received from them.

This could be an exciting time for both you and your customers, as you expand your reach with new clients and create more opportunities for your existing customers to come back.

How to start selling gift vouchers online

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