The complete guide on gift voucher system for restaurants, bars and venues

The complete guide on gift voucher system for restaurants, bars and venues

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The hospitality industry and the value of gift vouchers

Many restaurants have gift vouchers for their customers. These gift vouchers can be purchased by consumers and given to friends or family members as a gift. They are a popular gift because they are simple, thoughtful, and convenient.

A gift voucher for a restaurant is often a better gift than another kind of traditional gift because it shows that the person giving it cares enough to provide the recipient with something that is not only thoughtful but also practical.

Selling gift card for restaurants, bars & venues
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The benefits of selling gift cards, gift vouchers and gift certificates

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. It is so competitive that many restaurant owners are constantly looking for new ways to get more customers in their restaurants.

Gift card, gift voucher and gift certificate incentives are one way to increase the average spend in your business. It is a common tactic for restaurants, bars and venues to offer deals and discounts, but a voucher can be a lot more valuable as it is a physical item that the customer can share with friends and family.

Also, you can build up your marketing list from both purchasers and recipients to help you build brand recognition and grow your business.

How to start selling gift vouchers for your restaurants

If you are still using pen & paper or spreadsheet to sell and manage gift vouchers; manually collect payment over the phone, and send out the vouchers; then you are wasting your time. As a business owner, you should spend your precious time in managing and expanding your business.

That's why we built VaocherApp to help businesses save time and money. We do all the hard work, so you don't have to. In VaocherApp, everything is automated, from setting up an account to selling and managing your orders. Moreover, your customers will be able to make a purchase directly on your website, and you will get paid straight into your bank account. The gift vouchers will be delivered instantly via email and once your customers are ready to spend them, you can easily validate and redeem vouchers using our powerful dashboard.

Some other highlighted features of VaocherApp:

Manual voucher ordering

If your customers order vouchers via phone or face-to-face, you can manually create and email vouchers from Vaocher dashboard. It’s super easy!

Promotion code management

It’s a great way to take your voucher sales to the next level, the promotion code can be used against one or more vouchers you have available for sale. Set the reward to be fixed or percentage discount, for individual items or the entire order.

Orders management

All of your voucher orders will be nicely displayed in a searchable/filterable list. You can easily see the status of each voucher, expiry date, remaining balance, etc. Click on each one to see the entire order details.

Redeeming vouchers is just a few clicks. You can do full or partial redeem (ability to redeem the same voucher multiple times until the remaining balance goes dry).

Stunning voucher design

Our drag-and-drop design tool allows you to flexibly design your unique and beautiful vouchers with your logo and branding. Alternatively, you can pick one from our stunning templates and get started straight away (you can always change or update the design later on).

Check out our Features page for a full list of what you can do to make use of a gift card system for your business.

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