How To Drive Voucher Sales During Christmas Sales Period

How To Drive Voucher Sales During Christmas Sales Period

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Gift cards and vouchers are one of the easiest and most profitable ways for your business to increase sales during festive season, with payment straight to your payment account.

Businesses who have taken the time to be organised during the last week before Christmas can reap major rewards during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and throughout the month of December.

There are several tips below that will ensure you make the most of this month's sales opportunity if you don't yet have an effective plan in place for the Xmas sales window, or if you have just registered with VaocherApp. Less than 10 minutes are needed to complete them.

Drive sales during Christmas sales period
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Create your Christmas deal

We have guides on how to create additional value and limited-time offer vouchers, where you can easily set up and start selling Christmas gift vouchers in no time. We've also included an Xmas voucher design template when creating new PDF template at, it's ready to be used and customised to suit your special deals.

Besides, you can provide your customers with a Christmas Discount Code of a percentage of fixed price discount applied to all of our vouchers or just some of them. It is up to you. In order for the buyer to click the buy button, your discount level should be enticing. Navigate to and start creating your promotion, or head to our help centre for how to create and run promotions in VaocherApp.

The "Hook Deal" is your Christmas offer. Your voucher sales page will be flooded with buyers if your offer is strong enough. Among those who land on your voucher sales page to view your deal, there will also be all the other standard price vouchers your business has to offer. Many (hopefully many) may purchase your offer/deal.

In the course of the Christmas sales, your vouchers will be exposed to a great deal of publicity and you will see a lot of cross-selling. Moreover, this event will also create a need for future friends and family members to purchase a gift for their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion.

If you repeat this strategy in a clearly defined pattern, you can get more customers engaged - so build a rhythm of seasonal or monthly Mega-Deal promotions that people can latch on to. Make a big deal every first weekend of the month after payday, every two or three months, or even seasonal - Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn. You've earned their loyalty, so they'll return, spread the news about your deal, and so on.

Let you customers know about the deal (via email, social media, etc)

You should email your customers to encourage them to take advantage of the deal once your Christmas Offer is ready (either a voucher or a discount code).

An example of an eye-catching HTML email or a simple text message or a text email would do the trick. We should not forget that the goal here is to drive sales with your Christmas Offer or other coupons that you put on your sales page. If you are sending an email, be sure to include the link to your voucher sales page or to the specific voucher you are marketing.

We have integrated with different email marketing platforms to help you send out your own marketing emails (see all integrations).

You can also promote your checkout form on social networks (see instruction here).

Let them know that there will be a limit to the number of discount codes that can be used if you set a limit. Tell them when the discount period ends and include a countdown timer if you're setting a limited time offer.

That's it! Happy Selling!

I hope you found this guide useful and you will use the features mentioned above to maximise your voucher selling potential this festive season.

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